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For many years we as a congregation have used the Model Deed of Constitition where the governings of our Church worked using a Kirk Session and a Congregational Board. At the General Assembly in 2003, the  Unitary Constitution was introduced where everything is governed by the Kirk Session.

In 2015, we as a church at Muckairn decided to adopt the Unitary Constitution. This is where the Kirk Session has responsibility for spiritual and temporal matters. The Kirk Session operates with various groups in order to ensure that all appropriate business and activity is conducted. Each group meets out-with the Session meetings and the convenor prepares a report that is read out and minuted at each Session. We have found that it is working well and has  introduced people who are non elders into the groups, using talents that may have gone under the radar.


Fabric work is shared out , and is not reliant upon one person to do it.  Finance is down to one person, but if he needs help, this can be found. People seem to be more aware of what is happening and more folk are involved. 


 We have an AGM once a year where a full report is given to the congregation on how the church is running.

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