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Kilchrenan and Dalavich work under a quad Omnia constitution where el​ders discuss not only spiritual but temporal matters too. Unlike the Unitary constitution, we do not have groups that meet prior to the session meeting. Because of the size and age of the congregation it is hard to find people to be part of groups that the Unitary Constitution requires.


We have a Treasurer and Fabric convenor who are outwith the eldership, and who live within the community.  Matters arising are discussed at the Kirk Session meeting, which is held every two months. The public are invited to attend if they so wish.


We have an AGM once a year where a full report is given to the congregation on how the church is running. This is where the success, failures and hopes are discussed.

Session Clerk Ann Urwin

Contact Details

Session Clerk - Ann Urwin 

Tel: 01866 833357


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